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Several Methods Of Meat Packaging

- Jan 17, 2018 -

1, in addition to gas shrink packaging. Degassing Shrink packaging refers to the meat products into the casing, the opening into the vacuum pump nozzle, the internal discharge of air. Ligation is usually aluminum casing, so the lack of sealing. The purpose of venting air is to enhance the shelf life of the meat product and the casing by closely attaching the meat product to the casing by venting the air. Therefore, it is necessary to use heat-shrinkable casings which, after packaging, are placed in hot water or hot air to shrink the casing and adhere to the meat products. The film used is shrinkable polyvinylidene chloride, the use of equipment mainly open the casing of the opening machine and deaeration ligation machine made. Products using this casings are mainly coarse diameter smoked products (through the ridge ham, compressed ham, Polonian sausage, semi-dry small intestine) and pork and so on.

2, empty paste body packaging. Empty paste body packaging This form of packaging is the use of products instead of packaging mold, the shape of the package is the actual shape of the product. This package is good vacuum, but also inhibit the precipitation of juice from the product, the preservation effect is better. This package has two types of continuous and intermittent, suitable for packaging ham, bacon, sausage, etc., in the shape of irregular meat products packaging, to better reflect its advantages.

3, inflatable packaging. Inflatable packaging This type of packaging usually uses a non-breathable film and runs into inert carbon dioxide or nitrogen. The purpose of this package is to prevent oxidation and discoloration of packaged meat products. Slow down the redox potential rise, inhibit the reproduction of aerobic microorganisms. Drawback is that the use of this form of packaging, the products and the film is not close together, so there is a temperature difference between the inside and outside the package, so that the packaging film condensation phenomenon, so you can not see the bag of the product. If the already contaminated product is packaged, the extent of the contamination is increased by the movement of the product in the bag, and the dew in the bag helps to multiply the bacteria. This package is only suitable for the surface is easy to extract fat and water, meat products. According to the replacement of gas filling machines can be divided into two categories: First, in the atmosphere filled with bags filled with gas filling machine, the second is the first bag pumped into a vacuum, and then filled with gas Vacuum packaging machine Gassing gas replacement rate is lower, the ideal. Inflatable packaging suitable for Vienna sausage, Frankfurt sausage packaging.