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Secret Unmanned Supermarket Behind The Black Technology Smart Packaging Technology Or Usher In A Big Outbreak

- Jan 17, 2018 -

"Unmanned Supermarket" brushed friends circle, known as the world's first unmanned retail store "Amoy coffee" opened in Hangzhou, this makes people "hand chop invisible" store to "subversive" pocketed the eye - - Integrated leading AI systems such as computer vision, machine learning and IoT, swiping two-dimensional code into the store, eliminating the salesperson and cashier, picking up the goodies, and automatically clearing the phone.

Behind the ultimate "Buy Now" experience is the integrated system of portrait recognition, product identification, self-service payment, big data analytics, IOT (Internet of Things) and blockchain. In a nutshell, computer vision and biometrics are used to identify themselves. In-store cameras and sensors sense the movement of people and objects. Industry experts believe that the current "Amoy coffee" is more of the nature of Ali concept store in the form of a set of solutions to truly commercial applications, there are many problems to be solved. Among them, the identification of goods and related goods anti-theft loss is the core link. For example, Wal-Mart has launched a project called "Scan & Go". Users scan the items by using the iPhone when they are shopping. After that, Wal-Mart can checkout by themselves. However, Wal-Mart has finally become an intelligent supermarket exploration because it can not solve the problem of excessive product theft rates On the road "martyrs".

According to Ali related technical staff revealed that "Amoy coffee" stores using RFID technology, which is consistent with most people's previous forecast. In June of this year, the Auchan supermarket in China released an unmanned convenience store named "Bean Box" in Shanghai, and they also introduced RFID-based equipment.

"The RFID on each package has a unique code that opens when product information and consumer information are up, where the product is produced, who is bought, what is it for, and which customer likes to buy it ... all through big data mining , And then make personalized recommendations for each consumer.The impact of the unmanned store is huge, and the trend of intelligent packaging technology and unmanned store depth integration is irresistible. "