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Plastic Bags Correct Use Of Methods Do You Know?

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Prevent clothes wrinkles

When folding clothes, the plastic bags stacked in clothes, clothes and clothes are also separated with plastic bags. So when some squeeze, plastic will buffer part of the pressure, the other can also reduce the friction between the clothing, the general is not easy to wrinkle.

Help shoes mold

First wipe the shoes with a damp cloth, dry, marked with shoe polish, wait for a while, with a shoe brush brushed, airtight plastic bag, the bag of gas discharge, the bag tied tightly with a rope. This collection of shoes, leather shoes can prevent dry deformation and mold mildew.

Prevent the window from icing flowers

In winter, tenants who use stoves to heat their homes often form ice crystals on the window glass in the morning due to water vapor. After the ice flower has melted, there is more than one flow of water on the windowsill. If the window has a window screen, white plastic film can be nailed to the screen in the wooden frame, you can prevent the window glass icing flowers, but also can play a role in cold.