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How To Break The Temptation Of The Trickery Food Packaging?

- Jan 17, 2018 -

We are in a packaging era where snacks are packed in large and small bags. You may not be too concerned about the knowledge of packaging, but groceries can be a lot of research, their only goal: to make our mouths when unable to stop eating snacks.

Why popcorn bucket so big

The large popcorn bucket in the movie theater looks very large and many people face a vat of popcorn before the movie shows and will feel like they are eaten all day long. However, the film was put in half, the popcorn bucket actually eaten! Scientists call this phenomenon "unit bias," meaning that people are accustomed to eating bowls and bottomed out, as long as the food in the container does not go far beyond human appetite.

Cornell University scientists experimentally studied popcorn packaging. They gave some moviegoers popcorn two weeks ago, some with vats, others with kegs, and the audience who got the vats had more popcorn than the popcorn eaten by kegs. One-third, though they all say popcorn is not very tasty. When tested with fresh popcorn, the popcorn eaten by the vat took more than the popcorn eaten by the keeper.

Obviously, the cinema deliberately made popcorn buckets big because they knew that the addicted audience would surely involuntarily get rid of all the popcorn in the bucket, even if not good enough to keep them from eating it.