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Food Packaging Production Of Solvent-free Composite Technology Features

- Jan 17, 2018 -

First, health

At present, the solvent residue in soft plastic packaging is the most important problem affecting the health of consumers and operators. Some technicians in the industry also made many technical improvements in terms of equipment and raw materials, but they can only reduce the residual amount of solvents and can not completely Avoid residual solvents. Solvent-free processes Solve solvent problems fundamentally due to the complete elimination of the use of organic solvents in the manufacturing process. So solvent-free composite is a healthy composite process.

Second, safety

 Domestic and foreign flexible packaging manufacturers fire and explosion have occurred from time to time, mainly due to improper operation or the concentration of organic solvents in the air is too high. If the use of solvent-free compound to completely avoid the use of organic solvents, eliminating the security risks.

Third, environmental protection

Solvent-free composite adhesives are completely solid and do not contain any organic solvents. Therefore, it has no effect on the health of production workers. At the same time, it also achieves zero emission of organic solvents and avoids the problem of air pollution, which has obvious environmental protection advantages.

Fourth, cost savings

1. Solvent-free compound coating is usually 1.3-1.8g / m2, while the dry compound at 2.5-4g / m2, compared with the dry compound, the adhesive consumption can save about 50%. Although solvent-free glue sells higher, but after calculation, the overall cost of raw materials can still drop about 20%.

2. Due to the non-soluble composite process does not require drying process, effectively reducing energy costs. After calculation, the energy consumption cost of solvent-free equipment is 1/15 of the energy consumption cost of dry-recovery equipment.

3. From the perspective of production efficiency, the efficiency of solvent-free equipment is 1.5-2 times of ordinary dry compound efficiency, effectively reducing production costs.