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Food Packaging = Green + Packaging

- Jan 17, 2018 -

It is well-known that environmental protection is a topic of common concern in our society. A large amount of packaging waste has put tremendous pressure on the environment. Packaging waste due to food consumed by people accounts for a large proportion of the environment. And packaging waste is mainly solid waste, it is more difficult to handle. The treatment of plastic is mainly buried, a small part of the decomposition, burning. The buried plastic takes 200 to 400 years before it will be natural decomposition, during which will hinder the growth of crops, animals eat, ranging from causing digestive diseases, heavy death. Metal and glass containers are not decontaminated, but they are too heavy and require a lot of energy to melt. Therefore, food packaging design, material selection, use and recycling should give full consideration to the harm caused to the environment, and try to avoid.

In order to reduce the environmental hazards of packaging waste, China put forward the concept of green packaging as early as ten years ago. There is not yet a completely unified definition of green packaging. In general, a moderate package that can be recycled, reused, or degraded, and not harmful to the human body and the environment throughout the life of the product is called a green package. Green packaging is the most important meaning of protecting the environment, but also both the significance of renewable resources. Environmental protection into food packaging materials in the future the development of the mainstream trend