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- Apr 13, 2018 -


Meaning of packaging 
Narrow sense: packaging is the overall name of containers, materials and auxiliary materials used in certain technical methods to protect products in circulation, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales; It also refers to the operation activity of applying certain technical methods and the like in the process of adopting containers, materials and auxiliary materials for achieving the above-mentioned purpose.
Broad sense: the external form of all things is packaging
China's national standard GB / t 4122.1 - 1996, the definition of packaging is: " in order to protect the product in the process of circulation, convenient storage and transportation, promote sales, according to a certain technical method and the overall name of the container, materials and auxiliary materials. Also refers to the use of containers, materials and AIDS in order to achieve the above purpose in the process of application of certain technical methods and so on. " other countries or organizations have different expressions and understanding of the meaning of packaging, but the basic meaning is consistent, with packaging function and function as its core content, generally has two meanings:
Label a anti-counterfeiting packaging production ① about the container, materials and auxiliary goods containing goods, namely packaging.
( 2 ) about the implementation of dress and sealed, bandaging and other technical activities.
Elements of packaging
Packaging elements include packaging object, material, shape, structure, protection technology, visual communication.
The role of packaging and specific functions
The role of packaging has the following aspects:
( 1 ) to realize the value of goods and use value, and is a means to increase the value of goods;
( 2 ) to protect the goods, from the sun, wind, rain, dust and other natural factors, prevent volatilization, leakage, melting, contamination, collision, extrusion, loss and theft loss;
( 3 ) to the circulation link storage, transportation, adjustment, sales convenient, such as loading and unloading, inventory, stacking, delivery, receiving, transportation, sales count, etc.;
( 4 ) beautify the goods, attract customers, is conducive to sales promotion.
( 5 ) metaphor for people or things on the image of dress up, beautification, is more attractive or commercial value



Specific functions of packaging:
1. the natural function of packaging - that is, material function or practical function
A protection function: that is, to protect the content, form, quality, performance and safe use of products by consumers
B. convenient function: easy to open and use, open the package can immediately consume products
A facilitating handling and loading
B, convenient production and processing, turnover, loading, sealing, labeling, stacking and the like
C, convenient storage and storage and identification of goods and commodity information
D convenient store shelves display and sales
E, convenient for consumer to carry, open and convenient for consumption application.
F facilitating the classified recovery and treatment of packaging wastes
2. the social function of packaging - also known as spiritual function or aesthetic function
A. assistant function
B guide the consumer to consume the product correctly through the graphic description of the package
C, reflecting the cultural taste of a specific commodity through packaging, giving a pleasant feeling and creating added value
D through packaging to reflect the brand reputation of enterprises and a country and region's political, economic, cultural and artistic appearance
E packaging design and packaging management are related to the change of people's life style and the protection of ecological environment.
Packaging according to the main function points can be divided into:
1. turnover packaging, is a kind of container between equipment and transport packaging, is essentially a kind of reusable transport equipment.
2 transport packaging, in order to protect the safe circulation of goods, convenient storage and transportation for the main purpose of packaging.
3. sales packaging, directly into the store display sales, with the product arrived in the hands of consumers.
4 gift packaging, to present gifts to friends and relatives to express feelings for the main purpose of practical gift packaging.
5. containerization packaging, also known as assembly packaging, is to adapt to the modern mechanical automatic shipment, a number of packages or items together to form a large handling unit of giant packaging.
Specific classification of packaging:
1 according to the way of product management: domestic product packaging, export product packaging, special product packaging;
2. according to the role of packaging in the circulation process: a single package, packaging and packaging, etc.;
3 according to the packaging materials: paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging, bamboo packaging, glass container packaging and composite packaging, etc.;
4. according to the number of packaging use points: once with packaging, multiple packaging and turnover packaging, etc.;
5 according to the degree of hardness of packaging containers: hard packaging, semi-hard packaging and flexible packaging, etc.;
6. according to product categories: food packaging, drug packaging, mechanical and electrical products set up packaging, dangerous goods packaging, etc.;
7. by function: transport packaging, storage packaging and sales packaging, etc.;
8. according to the packaging technology: shockproof packaging, moisture-proof packaging, rust-proof packaging, mildew-proof packaging, etc.