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Why courier bags have a heavy taste

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Believe that like small friends shopping online shopping bags often have flavor and depressed express it! Now with the popularity of online shopping, express bags have become the most commonly used in daily life, the largest amount of plastic bags.

When we receive the courier can smell the courier bag smell Some people say that because of the courier site environment is not good, so contaminated; some people say it is boring out of transport process; others say the taste of glue. Is it really?

Of course, the answer is NO, the reason why courier bags will have a heavy taste, because of the material relationship. Do not know if you have noticed that there are usually very heavy flavor courier bags, the surface will have a lot of little things, and are based on dark colors, analogy black, gray, blue, white, silver and so on. why? Because this type of courier bag production materials are recycled materials, but also relatively poor recycled materials.

So what is recycled material? All industrially recyclable materials that can be reused through a process are called recycled materials. Because recycled plastic products are very mixed, so the production of recycled materials will smell, the worse the worse the taste of recycled materials. Courier bags made with this material taste is normal, the reason why all are dark colors because the bag material itself is too much impurities, dark colors printed out cover, so as not to affect the appearance of the bag. Now we all know why courier bags have a heavy taste of it.