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The plastic bags soaked in water, mother worry about food will no longer be spoiled

- Jan 17, 2018 -

The reason why food is easily spoiled is the result of its contact with air, which can delay its shelf life considerably if it is left in a vacuum environment. Today we teach you an ultra-simple way, one can learn to help us save food effectively.

The first step, we need to find a sealed bag can be sealed. Put some vegetables that have been cut but not changed due to temporary changes.

The second step, sealing the bag mouth, but leave a small mouth, easy to discharge the air.

The third step, as to the air we need to help out the water, put this sealed bag to our pocket from the bottom slowly into a pot of water.

The fourth step, when flooding to the side of the bag, with one hand to suppress the bag, the other side of the hand bag to the remaining tight seal.

In this way, we can see that the food inside tightly clings to the bag, indicating that the air inside has been drained. We can also put in some other food too late to dispose of it, the same way to save, very simple.