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Food plastic bags accurate identification method

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Plastic food bags are often used in people's lives, but care must be taken when using them. Some plastic bags are poisonous and can not be used to directly load food.

First, with the eye observation method

Non-toxic plastic bags are white, transparent or slightly transparent, uniform texture; toxic plastic bags are colored or white, but the transparency is poor, more turbid, uneven plastic surface stretching, small particles.

Second, listen with your ears

Shocking plastic bags by hand, the issue of crisp sound that is non-toxic plastic bags; the sound is small and boring is toxic plastic bags.

Third, touch by hand

Hand touching the surface of plastic bags, it is smooth and non-toxic; sticky, astringent, waxy sense is toxic.

Fourth, smell with your nose

Non-toxic plastic bags are odorless; have irritating odor or taste is not normal is toxic.

Fifth, submerged test method

The plastic bag into the water, press it to the bottom by hand, wait for a moment, surfaced is non-toxic plastic bags, sinking in the bottom that is toxic plastic bags.

Six, burning method

Non-toxic plastic bag flammable, flame tip is yellow, the local blue, burning like candle tears dripping, paraffin smell; toxic plastic bags are not easy to burn, the fire is extinguished, the flame tip is yellow, or black , The bottom is green, soften to drawing, you can also smell a pungent taste.