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Drug packaging requirements on the adhesive

- Jan 17, 2018 -

1, good health and safety performance

Should be odor-free non-toxic, if the drug is in direct contact with the adhesive, but also the packaging of non-corrosive drugs. The products that are protected or packaged by the pharmaceutical packaging materials are imported directly. Not only are the substrates tasteless, odorless and non-toxic, but also the adhesives used must have the same properties. Therefore, the raw materials, auxiliary materials and solvents for the production of adhesives should be safe Sexual and hygienic.

2, good bonding performance

Due to the different materials of the packaging materials, adhesives are used to bond them together. The adhesives must have excellent adhesion to different materials. In the pharmaceutical packaging composite materials used in a wide variety of substrates, different properties, such as paper, fabric, aluminum foil, plastic, etc., and there are a variety of plastic brands, their surface characteristics of the molecular structure of different, in the face of so many Complex materials, adhesives must have the ability to stick two or more different materials.

3, soft performance is good

It is important that the packaging be flexible and easy to carry when packaging medicines in a flexible package. It should be possible to fold and the adhesive should have such properties. If the adhesive film is hard, brittle, non-collapsible, does not match the substrate is the use of flexible packaging performance.