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Create obstacles, crack tricks

- Jan 17, 2018 -

The success of the self-styled bags has taught us that to crack the tricks of a food company, we must take the opposite approach and artificially create some obstacles for ourselves, such as buying candy with sugar-coated paper so that when we want to eat another When they have to deal with the trouble of stripping candy, some people will give up the idea of eating a candy again.

Small packaged foods can also act as a stop-and-go, as the rip-off of new packaging, like the stripping of paper, creates obstacles for people who want to eat more and stops them from eating, So the human brain has a chance to think about it, it seems to eat a lot, it is time to stop.

Not only packaging can make people's mouth stop, even if it is a small signal, but also people stop their mouths. For example, in a recent experiment, researchers distributed drummed potato chips to college students watching TV. Some students had hands and feet in the potato chips barrel. Every few slices of yellow potato chips, a piece of red potato There is no red potato chips in other students' potato chips. As a result, college students holding potato crisps with red chips eaten less than half the amount eaten by other college students. Obviously, when the college students ate the red potato chips, the brain received a signal that they could not help but stop their mouths, or at least temporarily stopped their mouths.