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A business in India creates an environment conducive to eating plastic bags

- Jan 17, 2018 -

To solve the problem of plastic pollution, a startup in India called EnviGreen manufactures "plastic bags" made of natural starch and vegetable oil. This bag is 100% organic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly, and one can even eat it. In an interview with Indian news website, company founder Ashshwar Hodge said that in view of the prohibition of the use of plastic bags in some cities in India and the distress of people looking for alternatives, he decided to find an environment-friendly solution. He spent four years researching, experimenting and finally made edible "plastic bags" with 12 kinds of raw materials, including potatoes, corn, bananas, cassava and so on. Hodge does not intend to open the bag making process, but said that the first raw material into a liquid, into the finished product to go through six processes.

According to Hodge, although this bag costs 35% more than plastic bags, it does not damage the environment and naturally degrades within 180 days after it is discarded. It dissolves in less than a day at room temperature in water. If you want to hurry up, just place it in hot water and dissolve in about 15 seconds. "We did not use a little chemistry, and even the paint on the bag was natural and organic," he said. To prove that the bag was edible, he also in the interview a bubble in the water and smiled and swallowed down.